Tweedz Braided Headphones

Tweedz Braided Headphones

With the announcement of the iPhone and it’s current challenge to existing headphones it inspired us to locate earbuds and headphones that address some of the problems that typically exist with the products. The Tweedz Braided Headphones which are available for about $35 seek to counter one of the most noxious and irritating problems that one will find after a few weeks of normal use.

The maintenance and untangling all the chords that connect the earbuds seems to a concern without an easy solution. Tweedz has covered these chords in a fabric the company has ensured that no amount of knotting will take place. No matter whether one sticks the earbuds in their purse or gym bag they will be able to be removed and immediately brought back into rotation.

The sound that the Tweedz Braided Headphones provide is par for the course when compared to other earbuds on the market. Sounds and voices are recreated well while full bands have their compositions recreated faithfully. As someone that listens to a number of podcasts while they work out, I felt that the Tweedz earbuds shined brighter in their recreation of dialogue. The designs of the fabric used in Tweedz Braided Headphones will stand out nicely when compared to a simple black hoodie or solid colored top. The durability of the earbuds are sufficient enough to use them heavily over the course of a few years without the products showing much, if anything, in the way of wear.

Visit the company’s website for additional information about their products and to purchase the variety of different color schemes in which they produce their earbuds. Simply put, Tweedz Braided Headphones are good solution for a problem that has plagued humanity since corded personal use devices were introduced the market. The company

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