The xMODELs – “Flush It” Single [ADB]

The CD has 4 songs, it is self released, and even contains a cover of “Deuce”, by KISS. The xMODELs are 80s hair metal with a 90s feel. The vocals are great to listen to, the guitars are scorching, and the bass is plodding through the tracks. Compare these guys to Warrant, Kiss, and Kix. These are only bands they vaugely sound like, since they have a unique sound. Their cover of “Deuce” totally rox ballz out. Amazing guitar lines and killer drums on this album. “Sexual Fantasy” is a true driving song with a great thumping beat combined with cool lyrics. This is a great EP and i hope to hear more from these guys from TN. Contact them at or at THExMODELS, 710 Saratoga Dr, Murfreesboro, TN 37130


The Wrens – Abbott 1135 [ADB]

This EP was released on Ten 23 Records in 1997, and it has 6 songs. The Wrens are independent rock with a Pop-Punk and a Brit-Pop feel. All elements coalesce into a good sets of songs with good choruses. The Wrens are very decent, and should be featured on 120 minutes. They can be reached at PO Box 81, Ocean View, NJ 08230. If this band is a part of the NJ scene, then Jersey Beat wasn’t created for nothing. I sincerely recommend everybody buy this CD at Ten 23 Records ,446 91st ST, Brooklyn, Ny 11215. They go from Punk to Indy to Alt. Metal in the space of three songs.

Rating 8.5/10

Woolworthy – Sweet Second Place [S/T]

Woolworthy – Sweet Second Place

11 songs made by Woolworthy on their own label in ’99. The whole album is a lot more pop orientated then their 1st album, which means very clear guitar lines and very pro recording. The 1st song, Leap Year, sounds incredibly like a Fuel song, right down to the vocals. Woolworthy has progressed from Pop Punk to Power Pop .This means the songs are more glossy, but a majority of the songs are still about love. The disc is quite listenable, with powerful guitar, and great drumming with strong lyrics. One of the complaints i have about the band is that the lead vocalist gets kind of annoying, essentially on ” Its good to see you again” . While the songs sound great, the band seems to be trying to emulate all of the popular alt. rock bands of today, doing well, but sounding like everyone else. Another peeve is that the songs run together without any noticable differences between them. They lyrics are great, but they dont really fit in power pop. They can be reached at Rick Uncapher, 1844 W. Augusta #2F, Chicago IL 60622, or at 773.862.8232

Woolworthy – S/T

14 songs made by Woolworthy on their own label in ’96. Once broken up, they are now back together. They are a 4 person pop punk band from Chicago. Fast melodic pop-punk with a high pitched guy on vocals. Punchy guitars combine with speed drumming to produce a good punk band. Woolworthy also has some indy rock influences, as evidenced by “Bad Penny”. Woolworthy has a level of talent that they can transcend the boundries of punk and sound like anything they want to.” Crash Crash” has one of the best beginning guitar parts ever. Woolworthy is good bouncy music. They are going to have a new album out soon. As the cd spins on, they sound more and more like an indy-rock band, but they throw in a pop-punk song so as to not get stale. They even go into the dreaded emo terriory on a few songs, which they amazingly dont sound like crap on. They can be reached at Rick Uncapher, 1844 W. Augusta #2F, Chicago IL 60622, or at 773.862.8232

Tugboat Annie / The Wicked Farleys Split 7`[ADB]

Note: I got this 7` free with Muddle #13.

The Wicked Farleys are what i would guess is a emo band. I have never heard anything like this before. Note that that comment doesnt always mean that it is good, This song, Feel the Mores, goes too long without vocals, and it is boring and repitious. It gets annoying in the middle with the alarm sounding guitar. God i wish that hair bands were still around, because they could teach these Sweater Wearing goobers real “emo”tion songs.

Score : 4.5/10

Tugboat Annie is on the flip side of this album, and this is what saves the flexi from being garbage. This band sounds like late 80`s new punk, which is like the songs pretty and pink and anything from The Breakfast Club. Its great fun punk. Too bad this song is only like 2 and a half minutes. This side of the flexi is going to be on high rotation on my turntable.

Score : 8/10

Whippersnapper – The Long Walk / America’s Favorite Pastime

Whippersnapper-the long walk
Released on Lobster Records in 1999, with 12 songs. Cost to me: free. The great follow-up to 1998’s “Americas Favorite Pastime”. After a change in lineup, Whippersnapper is back, with a tighter pop punk sound. The songs are extremely catchy and extremely well played. The guitar lines, as well as the bass, are killer. “The long walk” is a step up from “America’s Favorite Pastime”, both lyrically and musically. Whippersnapper has matured, and this is a great expressions of their talent. They move away from the typical pop-punk and add a few tricks to their repertoire, including a layered set of vocals on a few songs. “The Long walk” is an album that will be one of the best i have received for 1999. The melodies contained on this album will drive you on to the ground and make you scream with delight. All of the songs on the disc have their own unique sound, none with the same sound as the others. It is rare to find an album of this caliber anywhere, so I implore you to pick up this disc. This will not disappoint at all, and it should open your eyes to the great bands on Lobster Records.


Whippersnapper-America`s Favorite Pastime

This was released in 1998 on Lobster Records. This is fast 3rd wave punk with fast vocals and guitars. This is very good moshing music, and the guitarist can also play different chords besides the usual 3-chord punk maximum. This is Punk dashed with Indy, and Rock. Whippersnapper sounds somewhat similar to the Offspring and Weezer. The lead vocalist can sing amazingly fast and he can still be understood. This is a very good sounding and well produced album. This music puts me in a good mood.


West Beverly – Kids These Days [ADB]

5 songs, self released, 99 Pop punk from New England. Good riffs, not much audible bass, and decent drumming on this album. They are decent sounding pop punk that definitely has its roots in rock music as well. The lead singers voice is good, but almost annoying. It has an odd quality to it that is hard to place. the guitarist can pull off some really good solos. They have greed sound that reminds you of JFT or $parechange. The album is very professional sounding as well. The melodies are written very well, but the riffs are chroppy. This is excellent music to dance around to.”My little secret” actually has some bass lines, easily making it the best song on the disc.

Warrior Soul – The Space Age Playboys [ADB]

This was released in 1995, was out on Mayhem/Futurist, and has 13 songs by this 4 piece band.This is not alt all what i expected from Mayhem and Fierce, which are two cool metal labels.Warrior Soul sounds like Monster Magnet meeting White Zombie meeting Godsmack. All of the pieces in the band are mediocre, and they don’t stand out in any way.The vocalist has a pseudo-70s Brit punk feel to it. I guess this band is a space punk one. All of the songs on this disc are too poppy for me. The vocals are their only saving grace on this album. The lyrics are pretty good as well,. The fusion of punk and space rock does not work out that well. None of the songs can rise above the mediocrity of the band. They can be reached at 6 green st 2nd floor NY NY 10343.

Vote Quimby – S/T [ADB]

8 songs, self released in 1999. They are great, fast pop; punk with catchy hooks and excellent audible bass playing. Although they are pop punk, they avoid the pitfalls that most pop punk bands fall into, like to glossy of a sound, or writing songs for MTV .The vocalist sounds like the singer of NOfx and the singer from the living end. They are a band that has some serious talent to work with. It was worth the 3 months i waited for this tape to come. The song lengths on this tape are extremely short. The best song on the tape is “Your sister’s a brat”. which is too fucking good to describe. The recording is good for a 2nd gen tape, only being a little bit muddy. The songs all sound different ,which is an always a plus. The main thing that is somewhat annoying is that about half of the songs are about love. When i do get a g/f, these songs will be great, but it will be about 2011 before i get one.

Vitro – S/T Sampler [ADB]

This shit is plain bad. I don’t think i have heard this level of crap for a long time. This sampler was produced by once great Danzig and Slayer producer, Rick Rubin, but it seems like as Rick has grown older his taste in music has degraded. This 2 song tape sounds like a bunch of losers trying to emulate psuedo-industrial moron Trent Reznor`s band, Nine Inch Nails. My advise to Vitro: go out and get some Psychic TV or throbbing gristle records. Then you will have industrial influences.

Vinnie! – Used to be Me, Used to Believe [ADB]

This album was created by Jenrazor records, in 1996, and Rodney Riffle may be reached at, or they may be written to at 181 Nottingham Ct, Westerville OH, 43081. This is a cool Indy rock band with elements of quite a few genres, life Surf Rock, Punk, and Folk. This has odd lyrics intermeshed perfectly with the music that is created by this trio. This band eventually became Fifty-Fifty, with the deletion of Rodney Riffle. Fifty-Fifty can be reached at (614) 885-1884. This info is of 1998, and may be inaccurate. None of the songs are the same on either of the albums. Each member of Vinnie!/Fifty-Fifty plays(ed) Bass, Drums, and the Guitar. I am not sure if the song is serious, but there is a song on the tape that tries to be a “Death Rock” song with Death-dealing lyrics and Growling. It is called “Sun”.

Rating 6/10