John Tracy “Midnight Moon”

John Tracy’s “Midnight Moon” is a powerful track that draws upon the vocal work of John Denver and Paul Simon; the narrative that is weaved during Midnight Moon will keep listeners on the edges of their seats. The track’s instrumentation is similarly strong, with a drum / guitar dynamic that pushes each to an entirely higher plateau. A hint of bass guitar, and Midnight Moon is given a polish that ensures it hangs on radio rotation for months after its initial play. John Tracy’s Midnight Moon is hooky, catchy, and will keep itself in the forefront of listeners’ minds long after the last note resonates.

John Tracy “Midnight Moon” / 2017 Self Released /

10 Rules for Proper Golf Etiquette

If you’ve never played a round of golf before with a group of seasoned aficionados of the sport, you better bring more than your high end golf clubs and a set of designer golf shoes. Golf courses are meticulously cut, manicured and preened so that golfers are able to play in an absolutely serene environment with no distractions. Don’t think twice about letting a friend borrow your 60 degree Vokey wedge if you intend on playing a fair game where everyone has a similar handicap. These are the ten rules of proper golfing etiquette you should be following from the very first day that you step on the green. Continue reading “10 Rules for Proper Golf Etiquette”

4 Reasons Why Bingo Players Should Try Out Slot Gaming

To begin with, it is a task for online players to play their hand on online slot machines rather than hearing their number called like it is announced in bingo. However, between bingo and slots, online slot games can be as much a thrilling experience, especially for bingo players. Players who want to diversify their online-gambling experiences and also make it more overwhelming can go for slots. Continue reading “4 Reasons Why Bingo Players Should Try Out Slot Gaming”

Fixing your damaged vehicle with utmost care

Be it a slight scratch to the heaviest of wreckage your beloved car got; there is nothing called impossible for these men who transform your vehicle back, just like it was on day 1. Accidents are unavoidable to escape forever, and millions of them, whether small or big, are victims of it. Priority wise excluding health, a car repair center or an auto body repair shop is the first thing that strikes most people because they love their darling. Auto body repair shops are of numerous types which deal with very basic dents and paint work to interior body repairs and detailed customization according to the client. Continue reading “Fixing your damaged vehicle with utmost care”

Cars for Sale in NY – Used cars refurbished and reconditioned from a buyer’s perspective

Striking the financial balance in life is essential. Almost everything gets imbalanced, and the life goes out of gear if one fails to maintain the economic balance and stability. So, there is no need to put extra pressure on yourself if buying a new car appears to be putting some excess financial burden on you. There is no dearth of the used cars in the market. Without spending any extra or extravagant amounts, you can get the cars that can duly satisfy your traveling needs. Not only will this save you from the going into any financial crisis, but simultaneously, it will holistically fulfill your requirements no less than a brand new car.  Continue reading “Cars for Sale in NY – Used cars refurbished and reconditioned from a buyer’s perspective”

The enchanting appeal of Moroccan rugs and how it won the West

Are you keen to add an ethnic appeal to your home decor and to look for ways to do it? Getting Moroccan rugs for your home can add the touch of luxury and provide the rustic looks of ethnicity that adds a new dimension to the home decor. Suddenly you feel that the atmosphere of your home gets some extra shine from the piece of the unique creation of Moroccan artisans and weavers. The trend of using rugs and carpets sourced from countries like Morocco, Turkey, Afghanistan and Iran is sweeping across Europe and America for the past few years. People are inclined to bring home the cultural heritage of specific regions of the world. They are keen to use Moroccan rugs that are available from Carter Jones Moroccan rugs UK, the shop that deals exclusively in rugs. Continue reading “The enchanting appeal of Moroccan rugs and how it won the West”

How to Choose the Best Painting Contractor for Your House?

It is pretty challenging to identify the right painting contractor for beautifying your home, especially, if you have never actually, hired a professional before for a home refurbishment project. You have to make the right choice so that you do not end up paying through your nose for some substandard painting job. So, how do you go about choosing the right painting contractor for giving your house a brand new look without really ripping you off? You need to choose a well-known and reliable painting contractor whom you could rely on completely to deliver top quality services and provide the highest value for money. Here are a few guidelines that would help you make the right choice. Continue reading “How to Choose the Best Painting Contractor for Your House?”

Filament Aggregation Protein (Filaggrin): Demystifying the Mystery that is Eczema

Eczema is one of those medical conditions for which a lot of studies have been done yet there have been no conclusive findings yet. Your doctor might not be able to tell you exactly what is causing this skin condition and this has made eczema one of the most misunderstood medical conditions. Today, there is a lot of information, especially with the advent of internet technology, and this is both a good and bad thing.  Continue reading “Filament Aggregation Protein (Filaggrin): Demystifying the Mystery that is Eczema”

Social sport and gaming business online

Making an online business under a strict competition which exists on the market today is not a simple task. You can offer the same products, the same service within sports and gaming. While defining your target group, you should develop the service every day and show that your product is better than competitor’s one. You know, it is as simply being the main marketing issue, that no need to mention about the importance of finding your niche. Continue reading “Social sport and gaming business online”

The Do’s and Don’ts of Your Backyard Space

A backyard can be transformed into a number of things – a peaceful retreat, an adventurous space for your pets, a play territory for the children. The truth is, these possibilities rest with your creativity and imagination. However, with every creativity, you must keep in consideration the aim behind this space. Similarly, you must keep in mind the weather conditions and other aspects before excavating and embedding new shrubs and flowers. Continue reading “The Do’s and Don’ts of Your Backyard Space”