Ingelik Moods – Demos

Ingelik Moods are currently working on their full-length album, slated to be released in 2017. The band has graciously let us check out a few of their demos. Arsenic is a warmly emotive, slow-paced track that tells more with a synthesizer than bands can hope to convey with vocals. When the guitars kick into the mix, Arsenic is given a fullness that hearkens back to the mid-1990s alternative rock scene. I personally like how each instrument is given their own time to shine; this layered effect makes the gradual shift into a vocal track that much more effecting. Bluedy Moon is an assertive, blues meets surf rock track that showcases an entirely different facet of Ingelik Moods. The slinkier vocals oppose the shuffling guitar and drums. During this effort, Ingelik Moods is able to build off of the frameworks laid down by acts like Muse, Radiohead and The White Stripes.  Continue reading “Ingelik Moods – Demos”

How are Minneapolis Based Companies Losing Out on the First Row Seats on Google SERPS?

SEO has a half-brother and it is on-site search. We call on-site search its half brother simply because it doesn’t get the attention and importance it deserves. Almost 84% of all the current companies do not pay attention to optimizing their on-site searches. This is quite true for almost all second-tier websites who are struggling to step onto the first page of Google search results. Continue reading “How are Minneapolis Based Companies Losing Out on the First Row Seats on Google SERPS?”

Embracing New Technology Could Finally Put the Music Industry Back on Track

Regardless of how you feel about the internet now being more of an active part of our daily lives than ever before, there’s no doubt that it has brought upon things we wouldn’t imagine. This immense melting pot of trends, unprecedented real-time interaction and accessibility of information has meant that many things have changed – but also that there’s more inspiration and opportunity than ever before. Continue reading “Embracing New Technology Could Finally Put the Music Industry Back on Track”

Learning About The Human Side Of Technical Debt

To be very honest, technical debt has now become nothing short than a popular form of industry term. However, this has even proved to be a vital concept. It is even chosen to discuss some ideas, which are gaining short cuts in the modernized software. it means, you will not just have to repay the cost, but do that with an added interest rate. So, if you are planning to take a short cut nowadays for speeding up your work, there are high chances that you might have to repay a lot, later. And that repayment needs to be done on time, to avoid any future problems as such. Continue reading “Learning About The Human Side Of Technical Debt”

Innovative Technical Debt While Maintaining Stability In This Scenario

There are vast opinions available while working on software development. Some people easily supported siloed approach, associated with bimodal IT structure. Some people have an urge between innovation and predictability, and for some other, fast development is the finest way out. This debate is just beginning. Therefore, it is mandatory to go around the expansion of arguments, while surrounding it. If you are still on the innovation ground, how can you possibly stay on budget? This can prove to be quite difficult, as the digitalized transformation is said to pick up pace, despite the fact, associated with IT budgets. There will be little increase in the upcoming years. Sometimes, using bimodal IT approach can save more pennies than usual. Continue reading “Innovative Technical Debt While Maintaining Stability In This Scenario”

Mitigate Technological Gap And Managing Technical Debt

Whenever you are trying to keep the application portfolio up-to-date, you always have to work with trade-offs. There are various options available, whenever it is about modernization through refactoring or mitigation. It can even be done with the help of transformative leap. The type and presence of technical debt is likely to be presented in your current system. That will help in dictating more about the ways to modernize the present application portfolio. To understand more about technical debt, you have to start thinking in that manner only. That will help you to realize the technical debt present and its difference with the art application design. Continue reading “Mitigate Technological Gap And Managing Technical Debt”