Love X Stereo – “37A”

Dark and Light is a track that defies convention. The soaring vocals laid down here are backed by airy and light compositions that draw heavily from ambient and indie-pop styles. Throughout this effort, listeners can hear just a bit of pop infused within; this is something that could easily crossover to radio / Spotify pop rotation.  Continue reading “Love X Stereo – “37A””

Trae Byrnes – Why You So Loud

Trae Byrnes (hailing from Chicago, Illinois) begin their new mixtape Why You So Loud with It’s Lit, a song which shatters the conception of what a rock band should sound like. There are nods to classic acts like Stone Temple Pilots and Franz Ferdinand, while the stripped-down style of rock that issues forth early calls upon an earlier tradition. Continue reading “Trae Byrnes – Why You So Loud”

The Ramona Flowers – “If You Remember”

The Ramona Flowers’ “If You Remember” is a song that is a refreshing of the 1980s new wave style. Fans of more modern interpretations of that style (e.g. La Roux, Walk The Moon) will find something to dig here. The Ramona Flowers have impassioned vocals that draw from performers like WHAM! and Depeche Mode, while the hard-hitting instrumentation presented here tie together sweeping synths, on-point drums, and haunting vocals into one of the most fun tracks we’ve heard so far this summer. With a chorus that will bury its way deep into your psyche, The Ramona Flowers showcase precisely how talented they are with this new one.

The Ramona Flowers – “If You Remember” /  /

PRIME – Poison

PRIME’s Poison will immediately draw listeners in. This EDM style builds off of performers like Avicii and David Guetta, while inserting in hints of dubstep and pop to the mix. This high energy effort will have listeners out on the dance floor, whipping up friends into a frenzy with a pounding beat and an emotive, sexy set of vocals. The breakdown at the 1:40 mark gives fans a second to breathe before ratcheting things back up to 11. PRIME’s latest single will tattoo its melodies deep into the minds and hearts of anyone fortunate enough to listen in. Check him out today. Continue reading “PRIME – Poison”

JD King – “Midnight Rendezvous”

JD King’s “Midnight Rendezvous” is an effort that draws heavily from the 1950s pop crooner and 1960s pop scene. There is a bit of fuzz to the composition that provides an aura of authenticity. The track is surprisingly deep, with multiple vocals, a depth of instruments (guitars, drums, and bass) that both do their own thing while contributing to the overall sound of the cut. The last minute or so of Midnight Rendezvous changes things up just a bit, adding a bit of echo to the mix; JD King’s latest will be bouncing around our offices throughout the summer. Continue reading “JD King – “Midnight Rendezvous””

Pop Morrison – Boi Genius

On Boi Genius, Pop Morrison is able to create a complex and fulfilling effort that takes up bits from rap, trip-hop, electronic, and 1990s/oughts hip hop. The instrumental side of things on this single provide the perfect backdrop from the deep flow of Pop Morrison. Together, the instrumental and vocal sides of things unite to make for a track that will resound loudly in listeners ears long after the song ceases to play. A number of stylistic shifts provide a boost to the momentum of Boi Genius, keeping fans on the edges of their seats throughout the entirety of the single. Continue reading “Pop Morrison – Boi Genius”

Dying Fetus – Wrong One to Fuck With (CD)

Dying Fetus is one of those artists that are always on the list of bands I use to scare away my non-metalhead friends, especially those who subscribe to the “metal is noise” school of thought. Just to bristle their jimmies some more, the band name itself is like adding cayenne to their already bleeding ears. I cannot get enough! Continue reading “Dying Fetus – Wrong One to Fuck With (CD)”

Dave Vargo – Burning Through

Come Take Me Home immediately showcases the rich vocals and emotive guitars of Dave Vargo. The style of music that initially issues forth with Burning Through touches upon American rock from the 1970s all the way to the present. This means that fans can hear hints of The Eagles, Jackson Browne, and the Goo Goo Dolls in a polished way. Every piece during this first single works together to make for a cohesion rare in current music; after this introductory salvo, listeners will remain on the edges of their seats.

Wishing On A Star slows things down; the song is more tender and touching. A bit of folk can be heard here, but the song’s allure comes again with the peaks and valleys of Vargo’s voice and intricate guitar work. The bit of additional percussion provides additional depth to an already contemplative, heady cut. Finding My Way To You keeps the energy of Burning Through high. When the drums reach their full prominence, what issues forth is something that could easily make it onto rock radio (or Spotify) rotation.

Too Young To Be Broken slows things down and allows listeners to meditate on their own experiences. The track ties together a classical guitar with a narrative that stands up to repeat listens; the arrangement is twisted and shifted ever so slightly to keep fans on their toes as they move towards the end of Burning Through. Burning Through ends with Pieces of My Heart, a track that has a quicker tempo as it adopts pieces of alternative rock and the singer-songwriter styles. Vargo is able to make a tremendous statement with Burning Through, an album that will continue to impress throughout a number of plays.

Top Tracks: Wishing On A Star, Finding My Way To You, Pieces of My Heart

Rating: 8.4/10

Dave Vargo – Burning Through / 2017 Self Released / 11 Tracks /

Kaleigh – Fading

Kaleigh’s “Fading” is one of the most compelling songs we’ve heard this month. This is because Kaleigh defies genre conventions in the creation of some of the most unique music we’ve heard. Nods to EDM, pop, and even industrial can be heard here. The frenetic tempo of Fading will immediately draw attention as well as get listeners out on the dance floor. The focused sound of Fading is a modern-day rarity as both sides – instruments and vocals – unite to make a tremendously cohesive single. Kaleigh knows exactly what she wants from Fading, and makes it into a radio-ready single. Check it out below.

Kaleigh “Fading” /

Inma Mira – Indecisión

Inma Mira’s Indecisión is a fun track that effortlessly move through pop, iindie-pop, and a timeless singer-songwriter style. Mira’s vocals soar over the track, taking up the standards of performers like Shakira and Bjork. The instrumentation on Indecisión – musically complex arrangements, spot-on drumming, and a whimsical sound – pushes Mira’s vocals to a higher plateau. The gradual increase in tempo portends a much more chaotic and musically intense sound; Mira’s voice goes supersonic as the track begins to go quicker and quicker. Indecisión will have listeners sticking around until the last note; Mira’s work here is fantastic.

Inma Mira – Indecisión / 2017 /