Meridian Incident “Yellow Wings”

Meridian Incident’s “Yellow Wings” is a powerful hard rock track that builds off of the work of Papa Roach and Seether. The emotion that is brought by the guitars, bass, and drums on Yellow Wings is substantial. Continue reading “Meridian Incident “Yellow Wings””

Daniel Correa “Fold It Back”

Daniel Correa’s “Fold It Back” is a unique-sounding track as the track successfully blends New Jack Swing, jazz, and Britpop into a tremendous effort. Instrumental and vocal sides are given highlighting variously through Fold It Back, but the track’s backbone relies on a thick and assertive bass line, futuristic synths and a heavenly set of pipes on Daniel. Continue reading “Daniel Correa “Fold It Back””

J-Wonn – 24/7

J-Wonn’s 24/7 is a R&B track that builds off of funk and gospel genres. The vocal ability of J-Wonn is impressive, reaching highs and lows that would be nigh-impossible for the average singer. A ropy bass line and sizzling horns and synth create a stellar backdrop upon which J-Wonn can shine. The dynamic that is created between the vocal and instrumental sides pushes each to a higher plateau. Continue reading “J-Wonn – 24/7”

Dylan Bernard – “Flames”

Dylan Bernard’s Flames is a passionate ode to love that captures a popular sentiment. The dual duty of Dylan – showcasing a narrative and contributing to the harmony of Flames – is impressive. Little more is present on Flames besides a piano and Dylan’s voice, but the track is fulfilling, engrossing, and easily keeps fans on the edges of their seats until the final note. Continue reading “Dylan Bernard – “Flames””

Ingelik Moods – Demos

Ingelik Moods are currently working on their full-length album, slated to be released in 2017. The band has graciously let us check out a few of their demos. Arsenic is a warmly emotive, slow-paced track that tells more with a synthesizer than bands can hope to convey with vocals. When the guitars kick into the mix, Arsenic is given a fullness that hearkens back to the mid-1990s alternative rock scene. I personally like how each instrument is given their own time to shine; this layered effect makes the gradual shift into a vocal track that much more effecting. Bluedy Moon is an assertive, blues meets surf rock track that showcases an entirely different facet of Ingelik Moods. The slinkier vocals oppose the shuffling guitar and drums. During this effort, Ingelik Moods is able to build off of the frameworks laid down by acts like Muse, Radiohead and The White Stripes.  Continue reading “Ingelik Moods – Demos”

Les Stroud – “Arctic Mistress”

“Survivorman” Les Stroud has released Arctic Mistress, an engrossing track that blends together equal amounts rock and late-nineties alternative music. Listeners will immediately be struck by the tautness of the song. The guitar’s strumming meshes nicely with the robust bass line and perfectly-placed drum lines. Continue reading “Les Stroud – “Arctic Mistress””

Alex Di Leo “So We Go”

So We Go is Alex Di Leo’s latest single, a retro-eighties sort of song that works well in current alternative circles. Alex’s vocals are passionate and fun, while So We Go’s instrumentation sparkles brightly. Despite the track ceasing at the four minute mark, there is a fullness and robustness to So We Go that will stick with listeners long after the track’s final note plays. Continue reading “Alex Di Leo “So We Go””