Three months into ‘Hardwired… to Self-Destruct’…

As a longtime fan of Metallica, literally I was hooked the first time I heard them the day ‘Master of Puppets’ was released back in 1986, I held so much hope of the potential for the rest of ‘Hardwired… to Self-Destruct’ to kick-ass and rank up as one of their best releases after Metallica strategically unveiled three singles leading up to its release date. I was up in Minneapolis just two days away from seeing them live this summer when I got a listen to their first single ‘Hardwired’. I immediately felt I (and many other longtime diehard fans) finally had the old raw and hungry sounding Metallica thrash sound back, like I was listening to a bonus hidden track that had been discovered after all these years on ‘Kill em All’. I mostly enjoyed ‘Moth into Flame’ as a solid new jamming song and thought ‘Atlas, Rise!’ was just absolutely their best song in years, if not decades, which I had almost overplayed it to the point I was thankful the band released videos for all of the news songs in the days leading up to the actual release. The section starting about 3:12 into ‘Atlas, Rise!’ leading up to Kirk’s solo is that exact raw, crunchy, heavy old school Metallica sound that I have been so hungry for in their new music. All I could think was these first three singles are really freaking good, please let the rest of it kick ass too! Continue reading “Three months into ‘Hardwired… to Self-Destruct’…”

Linkin Park Release “One More Light” 5/19

Continuing the tradition of reinvention and innovation, GRAMMY Award-winning rock band LINKIN PARK enjoyed another career first today by announcing the May 19 release date of their seventh studio album, One More Light and debuting their new single Heavy” [feat. Kiiara] on Facebook Live.

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World War IX – Have You Seen My Drugs?

World War IX call back to the halcyon days of The Ramones and Rollins-era Black Flag. Hints of The Stranglers and The Dickies can be heard during the band’s new single, Have You Seen My Drugs?. Punchy beats, a keen sense of humor, and a tight instrumentation make this into one of the favorite tracks that we’ve heard so far this year. Have You Seen My Drugs? starts and ends in 100 seconds, but the bold sound of World War IX will continue to bounce around listeners’ heads long after the track ceases. Continue reading “World War IX – Have You Seen My Drugs?”

Carmel Paradise “Turn Me On”

Carmel Paradise’s “Turn Me On” is a vocal-heavy pop track that immediately draws fans in. Hints of synth do well to imbue Turn me On with a certain dark allure. The collection of insistent vocals, contemplative arrangements, and a production that allows each element to shine alone or as a cohesive effort. Continue reading “Carmel Paradise “Turn Me On””

Lawless Hearts – All My Troubles

Lawless Hearts’s All My Troubles is a hard rock track that builds upon the tradition of performers like Joan Jett and Vixen. Sizzling guitar work and booming drums give the single a larger than life feel. The biggest surprise on All My Troubles is how much the guitars/drums contribute to the overall narrative. Continue reading “Lawless Hearts – All My Troubles”

Mothertapes “Do Make Say”

Mothertapes’ “Do Make Say” is a genre-crossing effort that refreshes the New Wave sound of the eighties with sweeping electronic compositions, huge drums, and a passionate set of vocals. Do Make Say ebbs and flows, keeping things light and airy even as the compositions have considerable depth. The track concludes at the five-minute mark but the feel of Do Make Say is so much larger. Mothertapes create a wholly-engrossing single that stands up to repeat play. With such a rich set of influences threaded throughout, Do Make Say is a track that we’ll be blasting through the rest of spring.

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Dumpstaphunk – Justice ft. Trombone Shorty

Dumpstaphunk’s Justice is a track that benefits from the inclusion of Trombone Shorty to the mix. Hints of funk, soul, and electronic music can all be heard. There is a timeless sound to Justice that will stick with listeners long after the effort ceases to play. A lush instrumentation gives Justice a Billy Preston-infused sound that is bubbly, bold, and catchy. The ropy bass line that plays at the bottom of the track adds considerable complexity to the track; listeners will have to play Justice multiple time before hearing every twist and turn that has been included within.

Dumpstaphunk – Justice ft. Trombone Shorty / /