Niq Reefman – “A Selection of Musical Tales”

Witch Doctor is the opening effort on Niq Reefman’s new album, A Selection of Musical Tales. The track links together alternative rock, reggae, and funk in a unique fashion. There is a powerful set of vocals that sit at the top of the track, while the inclusion of horns adds further variation to an already deep effort. Continue reading “Niq Reefman – “A Selection of Musical Tales””

WithLoveXavier – OFFICIAL

WithLoveXavier’s OFFICIAL is a track that builds itself on a rich musical tradition that can be traced back to musicians like Chris Brown, The Weeknd, and Trey Songz. The clean production and Spartan sound to the track’s instrumentation allows ample room for WithLoveXavier’s vocals to soar over the track. Continue reading “WithLoveXavier – OFFICIAL”

Tito Montana – Must Be Crazy FT. Dave East

Tito Montana’s Must Be Crazy has a compelling backing beat and samples from a Dick Gregory comedy special. The rap flow laid down by Tito Montana and Dave East sits in start opposition to the vocal clips and instrumentation; this is a street-ready sound that hangs well with classic NYC rap. There is a lot of layers that listeners will be able to unpack over the space of a few listens. With an animated video coupled alongside the sick flows, Must Be Crazy is a track that will impact listeners (rather than being digested passively).

Tito Montana – Must Be Crazy FT. Dave East / /

Justina Valentine feat. M80 – “Crushin on You”

In her new song “Crushin on You”, Justina Valentine shines bright. Accompanied by artist M80, her new song “Crushin on You” is an instant hit for the R&B crowd! This new single amazing, M80 is reminiscent of artist like Fetty Wap or Chris Brown with his smooth voice. Continue reading “Justina Valentine feat. M80 – “Crushin on You””

John Hickman – Hello Hello

I love the style that John Hickman creates during his latest single, Hello Hello. This is a song that could easily be the theme for any late seventies or early eighties television show. John’s honest vocals play on top of a surprisingly complex instrumentation. The dynamic that the bass and piano create will stand up to repeat plays, while there is an incredibly layered sound that requires listeners many listens to hear all that has been placed within. John Hickman’s Hello Hello is one of those retro-sounding tracks that we will be playing for the next year at NeuFutur headquarters.

John Hickman – Hello Hello /  /

Adam Mishan “Boomerang”

Adam Mishan’s “Boomerang” is an engrossing pop track that has a solid rock backdrop. There are hints of Say Anything, The Starting Line and Yellowcard all present here. The catchy harmony of the chorus will have fans singing along well after Boomerang has ceased to play; this single is taut as a drum. The production is particularly impressive, allowing for multiple layers to exist in the same space in a harmonious fashion. Adam Mishan has came out strong with this debut video, and I have a feeling that there will be more to come in the next few years.

Adam Mishan “Boomerang” / /

My Silent Bravery – Face to Face (Acoustic)

My Silent Bravery’ acoustic take of Face to Face is tremendously emotive and touching for anyone that has been through a rough patch with their significant other. Matthew Wade’s
vocals rise and fall as the rich instrumentation continually shifts and changes, making for a track that is livelier that a great many acoustic-based compositions. My Silent Bravery is able to add another weapon to their arsenal; anyone that is an MSB fan or of emotive rock generally should check out the acoustic take of Face to Face (below the jump). Continue reading “My Silent Bravery – Face to Face (Acoustic)”