sutrobath – Reptile EP

sutrobath’s Reptile EP is a tremendously cohesive effort, even when one considers that the constituent tracks all build on distinct styles and approaches. For example, the titular effort on the Reptile EP has haunting vocals in the same vein as Tool, an echoing drum beat and hints of industrial styles that are weaved throughout. In A Room has a more of a hard rock feel; fans of The Deftones and Killing Joke will find something that they can dig here. Moving between goth-metal and progressive styles, this tremendously emotional track will require fans listen to the effort multiple times before hearing everything that has been placed within. End of Days is a more thoughtful and introspective track. Continue reading “sutrobath – Reptile EP”

Matt Allen – Last Time EP

Matt Allen has just released his Last Time EP, a four-track extended play that showcases tremendous depth in a small smattering of singles. Get To Know Me is a soulful track that showcases Allen’s tremendous vocal ability, all while there is a robust R&B production that benefits from a thick bass line and soulful keys. Ride The Moment begins with an inviting clap track that ties together soul and gospel styles into a retro-sounding track that has a truly worldwide appeal. The presence of a chorus and influences for Matt including Lionel Richie and Raphael Saadiq makes this into a track that could easily garner some serious radio play.  Continue reading “Matt Allen – Last Time EP”

The Texas Gentlemen – Jelly (CD)

With the recent passing of Leon Russell and Merle Haggard, it seems like we’re in danger of losing a precious sub-genre of music. Both, along with a handful of others like Willie Nelson (still around, thankfully!) and Waylon Jennings, played a skillful brand of bullshit-free country music that added in the swamp sound of Mussel Shoals and a “no fucks left to give” Outlaw vibe. Continue reading “The Texas Gentlemen – Jelly (CD)”

Gene Loves Jezebel – Dance Underwater

It’s been 14 years since Gene Loves Jezebel last put out a record, but by the third track on their latest effort, the fantastically maudlin “How Do You Say Goodbye (To Someone You Love),” the band proves they are still relevant. Continue reading “Gene Loves Jezebel – Dance Underwater”

Collegians Interview

Collegians Interview Today, we are speaking with Melbourne’s Collegians. Can you give us a little background information about yourselves? How did you get into music?

Glenn: Hi yeah well, I got into music from an early age, actually inspired by my cousins grunge bands of all things, Started singing for the Victorian Choir, playing the arts Centre in Melbourne as one of my first gigs, which was extremely daunting, leaving me with a huuuge thirst for performance and the arts. Continue reading “Collegians Interview”

Ali B – Kiss Me Goodbye / Strangers in Love

Ali B’s Kiss Me Goodbye looks back to the early 1990s dance scene for inspiration. A minimalist production, up front and center vocals, and a decently quick tempo make this into a fun club track. Ali B’s vocals shine the brightest on this single. We were excited to hear how different her latest single Strangers In Love sounds from her previous single. This effort builds off of the style of Avicii and Dave Guetta; the synthesizers and vocals unite to make something special. These two distinct singles showcase that Ali B has considerable range; check out her website for additional information. Continue reading “Ali B – Kiss Me Goodbye / Strangers in Love”

Mark Newman – “When I Aim My Gun”

Mark Newman’s “When I Aim My Gun” starts with an intricate guitar/drum dynamic that sets the stage for the rest of what occurs on the single. The narrative quality of Newman on this single is similar to Ted Nugent’s Fred Bear or The Scorpions’ Wind of Change. The track blends together rock, country, and alternative (e.g. Goo Goo Dolls, Third Eye Blind) styles. A full and fleshed-out production present on When I Aim My Gun means that the bass and keys are given an equal opportunity to shine. The resulting track will stick with listeners long after the song concludes; this is a lot of material for a four-plus minute track. One will continue to hear new twists and turns in subsequent listens. Continue reading “Mark Newman – “When I Aim My Gun””

The Frankel Sisters – Don’t Judge Me

The Frankel Sisters’ Don’t Judge Me is a distinctive EDM / pop track that immediately draws listeners in with a catchy vocal style and assertive synthesizers. Don’t Judge Me pulls from a rich dance tradition that stretches from disco all the way to current EDM approaches. The perfectly-placed percussion imbues this single with an infectious sound; just try to stay off the dance floor when Don’t Judge Me is playing. As the track hurtles to its end, The Frankel Sisters ramp up the tempo and volume. Don’t Judge Me is an effort that we’ll be playing through the autumn here at NeuFutur HQ. Continue reading “The Frankel Sisters – Don’t Judge Me”

Watch K-Syran Live Today on FacePeace

K-Syran is aiming to present potentially the biggest ever live global peace webcast that the world has ever seen. Join her and celeb friends for an hour of outstanding live music entertainment, discussion and interaction at FacePeace. Continue reading “Watch K-Syran Live Today on FacePeace”

Sleeping Babys – Resistor

Sleeping Babys are a five piece indie rock group hailing from Sidney, Australia. Their track “Resistor” has really caught our attention here at NeuFutur. The track features a powerful social message that reminds listeners that by hurting others “you only hurt yourself”. The lyrics ask the listeners to “resist” the idea that you can gain something by saying hateful things to others. I think this is personally one of the most touching subjects I’ve heard in popular music recently.

The song starts with a slow but powerful guitar lead in building up to Stacie beginning the song. After a few seconds the rest of the band join in to begin a impressive combination of harmony and nuanced arrangements. Her voice is deep and compelling voice, reminding you of a young Stevie Nicks or Tori Amos. She has great range going from quietly harmonizing to soaring on the track, providing a considerable amount of dimension and animation to her lyrics. You can hear in her voice the pain and dedication she has to the music.

Sleeping Babys have sort of an indie rock meets pop, with a little splash of possibly country sound. The instrumentation is spot on with the strings providing the mood for the song while hard hitting drums bring forth a dramatic force to really polish the song. The track is well composed with no lulls or dull spots.  I could see fans of artists such as Sheryl Crow or Lana Del Rey enjoying the powerful weighty vocals and lyrics. While fans of groups like Coldplay and U2 would be brought to the group with the arrangement of instruments.

I hope that we will hear more from Sleeping Babys soon, their strong message resounds saying “What if everything you said and everything you did mattered”?



Sleeping Baby’s/ Rock /Pop/ Indie /2017/ Self Published/ For more info and other tracks please visit