NeuFutur Magazine 2017-18 Media Kit

NeuFutur Magazine Media Kit



2017-18 Editorial Calendar / NeuFutur Magazine Media Kit

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January 15th, 2018 (Deadline: December 15th)

Music Reviews

Blu-Ray/DVD Reviews

Microbrewery Features

Card/Board Games

Top Ten Product Lists

Travel – Cold Weather Trips

Women’s Clothing


Home entertainment

Winter Travel

New Food Products

New baby/children goods

Musician Interviews

Computer Peripheral Reviews

Sporting Goods Reviews

Local focus – New Orleans


April 15th, 2018 (Deadline: February 28th)

Household Section

–        Washer / Dryer Reviews

Fitness Reviews

Live Festival / Summer Concert Schedule

Computer Peripheral Reviews

Fashion and Beauty

Travel – Hot Summer Destinations

Musician Interviews

Baby Furniture

Winery / New Wine Features

Workout/Fitness Supplement Coverage

Alcohol Reviews

Men’s Clothing


Local focus – Dallas, Houston, TX

July 15th, 2018 (Deadline: May 30th)


Household Reviews – Mattresses and Microwaves

New Product Creator Interviews

Back to School Guide

Fitness Clothing Reviews

Blu-Ray and DVD Reviews

New baby/children goods

Top Ten Media Release List

Sporting Goods Reviews


Summer Travel Destinations

Workout Supplements

Automobile New Products

2018 in Beer


Local focus – Little Rock, Memphis


October, 15th ,2018 (Deadline: August 30th)


Household Goods – Flooring and Ladders

Holiday Gift Guide

–          Computer, Alcohol, Fitness sub-sections

Beer Reviews

Grand Opening – Parenting Section

Book Releases/Articles

Coat/Winter Clothing Guide

Pet Product Round-Up


Travel – Fall destinations, Staying Warm in the Winter

Diet Supplements

New Year’s celebration must-haves

Fall/winter warmer beer selections

Local focus – Oklahoma City




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