Blue Honey – Hurts Just The Same

Blue Honey is a duet comprised of Troy Brooks and Kassie Jordan; on these tracks, fans will be given a peek into an act that has a tremendous amount of potential. Hurts Just The Same succeeds due to passionate vocals and an instrumentation that immediately draws listeners in to the effort. There are significant nods to country, alternative rock, and pop in a fashion that makes Blue Honey an easy shoo-in for crossover rotation. We were particularly large fans of the one-two vocal punch between the duo. There is a unified sound that is created during Hurts Just The Same that hasn’t been heard in music since Don Henley and Stevie Nicks released their timeless Leather and Lace. The track is given an epic, reverberating sound through the contributions of a sizzling guitar, a deeply emotive piano, and bombastic drums. The track is fun, intense, and will stand up to repeat spins.  Continue reading “Blue Honey – Hurts Just The Same”