Buddha’s Hand Wheat Beer

The wheat beer / witbier style is one that is hard to do right. We have had a number of efforts masquerade as a witbier that for all intents and purposes were a lager, but Breckenridge has made an impressive showing here. The beer wit a very hazy yellow / gold coloration, possessing a nose that is strong with hints of citrus, malt, and floral elements. The citrus is also present in the initial sip, providing a perfect backdrop upon which the more cereal maltiness can properly shine. The carbonation and fruit elements make Buddha’s Hand into an incredibly light and airy beer, possessing a great flavor profile while ensuring that imbibers can down a few. There is a small amount of hoppiness (the beer is 15 IBU) that provide further complexity to the experience. The beer’s versatility is such that one can use it quench thirst as well as to keep warm during the rapidly-dropping temperatures of the fall months. Continue reading “Buddha’s Hand Wheat Beer”