Carolyn Marie “Shelter Me” feat. Sam Halabi

Carolyn Marie’s Shelter Me is a pop/EDM track that from its onset will tattoo its melodies deep into the minds of fans. The backing instrumentation ebbs and flows into something intense. Synths and an authoritative beat make this single ready for large amounts of radio rotation. Continue reading “Carolyn Marie “Shelter Me” feat. Sam Halabi”

Carolyn Marie – Surrender

Surrender is a track that succeeds based on Carolyn Marie’s desire to blend together disparate styles. Tying together a current style of pop (Katy Perry, Shakira), R&B, and earlier (1990s) type of dance with bits of dubstep and trap, Surrender is a track that will bounce around listeners’ heads long after it ceases. Continue reading “Carolyn Marie – Surrender”