CHARACULA “Mummy Dance”

CHARACULA’s “Mummy Dance” is a metal / goth element that is built on smart guitars, on-point drums, and a supersonic set of vocals that stand boldly above the fray. With a bit of gristle and growl, Mummy Dance is a track that will interest a wide array of listeners. Heavenly vocals represent the middle point for Mummy Dance, establishing that the second part of the single will be considerably different than the first. CHARACULA is able to make a musically impressive effort catchy as all get out; we were singing the chorus by the end of our second spin of the cut.

CHARACULA “Mummy Dance” /

Mummy Dance by CHARACULA!

Mummy Dance by CHARACULA! is an eclectic track. Hints of Alice Cooper, Machine Head, and HIM represent the blueprint upon which CHARACULA! builds upon. Heavy chugging guitars, intense drums, and a supersonic set of vocals make for an authoritative, brutal single. Continue reading “Mummy Dance by CHARACULA!”