Chris Casino – Hot Chick Single Review

Chris Casino has created a track in Hot Chick that skillfully ties together rap, R&B, and EDM. The track builds off of the work of Flo Rida, Jadakiss, and Juicy J while keeping the tempo high. The track ensures that listeners will make it out to the dance floor; a skillful production allows the distinct elements to shine alone and as part of a unified front. Casino’s flow during this track is on point and works flawlessly with the thick bass and dubstep-infused beat. While there are specific themes that are hammered home during Hot Chick, Chris Casino is able to keep things interesting through minor twists and turns of the overall arrangements. The drop that is present during Hot Chick kicks the effort into high gear; it is what will keep listeners intently focused into the cut until the final strains play. Continue reading “Chris Casino – Hot Chick Single Review”