Christina Rubino – Down To The Sea

Christina Rubino’s Down To The Sea is a powerfully introspective track that adopts the style of performers like Tori Amos and Ani DiFranco. There is a greater care taken by Rubino in creating instrumentation that lifts her vocals up; what results in Down To The Sea is an effort that will impact fans long after the track ceases to play. The ability of Christina to provide narration as well as further depth to the melody of Down To The Sea is unparalleled. This is an engrossing, compelling track that resounds with fans of all ages and styles.


Christina Rubino – Down To The Sea /

Christina Rubino “Godspeed and Guns”

Christina Rubino’s “Godspeed and Guns” a powerful rock track. Rubino is able to link together Tori Amos and Joni Mitchell. The backing instrumentation does well in creating a framework upon which Rubino’s vocals can shine. A bit of Mexican influence can be heard in the horns and maraca inclusions that come into view at points. Continue reading “Christina Rubino “Godspeed and Guns””