JJ Ford Perfect Saturday Night CD Review

San Luis Obispo’s JJ Ford creates a style of country music that looks back to the glory days of the late seventies. The titular track on Perfect Saturday Night is an effort that ties together John Denver, Don Williams, and Gordon Lightfoot. A robust instrumentation gives this track a full sound, with bass, slide guitars, and punctual drums making this into an effort that will bounce around listeners’ brains long after the song has ceased playing. Secondhand Dreams is a track that effortlessly ties together different styles of music, even adding hints of the Dave Matthews Band into the mix. I feel that the best thing about JJ Ford is that there is such a traditional and American flair to the songs on Perfect Saturday Night, but that does not make him afraid of bringing in more contemporary approaches. This makes the album that much stronger; when Ford goes traditional with songs like Love is Not a Word, one is convinced about the raw talent that he has. Continue reading “JJ Ford Perfect Saturday Night CD Review”