Devil’s Reach (Cape May Brewing Company)

Cape May Brewing Company’s Devil’s Reach pours with a hazy, goldenrod to yellow color and a small amount of wispy head that dissipates quickly. There is a small amount of carbonation and a tart nose that issues forth from the beer. A good amount of grain and a sharp alcohol note make for a complex array of flavors; the crispness of the resulting brew is one that will keep individuals interested as they make it further into the brew. The bitter elements do well in providing a refresher for the palette; I feel that the Devil’s Reach offering avoids the issues typically present in Belgian Strong Ales by having this hoppier side present. The sweetness of this Cape May offering is held in perfect balance against a hop-led bitterness and the aforementioned sharper, alcohol-led bite. Continue reading “Devil’s Reach (Cape May Brewing Company)”