Laura Cole Dirty Cheat CD Review

Sweet Escape is the first track on Cole’s latest, Dirty Cheat; the track is able to take on the overall sound and styles of the fifties with a much more contemporary and current set of vocals; this trend continues with Cole’s next two tracks, Darlin’ Sweetheart and Death Row. The blues-infused style of Cole during this effort is absolutely effecting and will be remembered by listeners long after the album has ceased to spin. There is considerable momentum that is created with the first triad of tracks that dovetails nicely with the disc’s clean-up effort, The Only One. The Only One has Cole’s vocals stretch out luxuriously over the track, with a very close and cozy instrumentation that does a tremendous job in establishing a mid-sixties feel to the track. The production of The Only One virtually ensures that this stellar song is pick up for radio rotation; Cole’s vocals are able to take these earlier styles, blend them together with country and rock, and create something that is wholly unique and works admirably in 2014. Continue reading “Laura Cole Dirty Cheat CD Review”