Elmo Karjalainen The Free Guitar Album CD Review

Don’t Quit Yer Day Job is an intricate track that links together guitar, bass, and drums to create a dense effort that tells more through the instrumental interactions than many bands can do with vocals and a full backing band. The path that Elmo takes fans on during this introductory track will ensure that one stays on the edges of their seat until the album finishes, especially as he takes the composition in a much more heavy, metal-laden approach. Incontinental Breakfast builds off of the work of Eric Johnson, Impellitteri and Warren DeMartini. Rather than only soaring above the track with sizzling guitars, Karjalainen is able to lay down some down and dirty riffs that push the rest of the track into an entirely higher plateau. The production on The Free Guitar Album allows each of the elements to shine alone or as one cohesive effort, meaning that She Sleeps on the Moon is able to sparkle with introspective arrangements and simply brutal guitar work. Continue reading “Elmo Karjalainen The Free Guitar Album CD Review”