Evaemon Interviewed in NeuFutur

Can you describe your creative process to us? How does a song go from an initial germ of an idea to a full composition?

Its all pretty loosely done to be honest. sometimes i might just be messing around with a synth and come up with a melody. other times ill have an idea stuck in my head and ill try recreate it within Logic. but once the melodies down i just try to make sounds that compliment the melody and just build from there Continue reading “Evaemon Interviewed in NeuFutur”

Evaemon Discovering Atlantis Review

Discovering Atlantis is an album that takes on a variety of styles and showcases Evaemon as a performer that is talented enough to make everything work together. Pillars Of Hercules / The Gate introduces listeners to the complex instrumentation and darkly emotive electronic music of Evaemon, all while a cogent narrative is being weaved through the composition. Continue reading “Evaemon Discovering Atlantis Review”