Five Fingertips Release “Nod” Music Video

Five Fingertips have just released the video for “Nod” off of their 2015 self-titled release. The video is a good way to see the context in which the act would like the song to be understood; when there is a little wiggle room in regards to how a listener will conceive of the music that an act releases, this music video does well in keeping one’s attention.


Bold logos are interspersed with band footage, all while high-contrast visuals set the tone for the track. Five Fingertips are able to meld together The Police, emotive nineties rock, and soulful California rock into a taut and compelling package.

Five Fingertips

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Five Fingertips In Depth

Today, we are speaking with Five Fingertips. We were lucky enough to review their self-titled album last week and had a moment to sit down.


Five Fingertips is your new album. Can you provide us with a brief insight into your process? What were the steps taken between the first thoughts about a tune or melody to the creation of a full track? Continue reading “Five Fingertips In Depth”

Five Fingertips – Self/Titled CD Review

Five Fingertips released their self-titled album a few months back; the album begins with The Lines. This initial salvo establishes a catchy style of pop-rock that links together a confident set of vocals with a delectable guitar/drum backdrop. The effort takes on equal amounts of Chris Cornell with a rich country-rock tradition. Time is Tasteless inserts a fuzzier guitar into the mix, making for a timeless track that feels ready for radio / streaming rotation. An extended piano solo showcases a different side to Five Fingertips. There are hints of Eddie Vedder that can be discerned here, but The Blue Cliff Record is where the act truly sets off. There is a dusty, desert rock sound that builds upon the style of Stone Temple Pilots and Alice in Chains. The interplay between the vocal and instrumental efforts during The Blue Cliff Records pushes each into the stratosphere. An echoing bit of prog-rock gives the cut a great dollop of energy. Continue reading “Five Fingertips – Self/Titled CD Review”