Wassail (Full Sail Brewing)

Wassail is Full Sail’s latest winter seasonal which is available from October until the end of December. The brew pours with a dark mahogany to reddish coloration, providing imbibers with a good amount of tannish head sitting on top.


The decent hop inclusion in Wassail makes for a deeper, more complex set of flavors; nuts, caramel, plum, and molasses all come into focus. Whiskey and vanilla tastes add the final polish to the effort.

The higher ABV (7.2%) of the effort does well to smooth out some of the sweeter elements of the beer. Wassail sets out as separate from other holiday seasonals as it does not include spices; fans of irish reds and bocks will be able to appreciate the effort. The beer would pair nicely with roasted meats, nuts, smoky cheeses; strongly-flavored cuisines possess the backbone necessary to push the beer into a bold new direction. Wassail is a surprisingly consistent beer from beginning to end; while there are notes that are only present at points (a more intense bitterness from the hops, toasted elements from the malts), they come into prominence at regular intervals. Well-balanced, bursting at the seams with flavors, Full Sail’s Wassail is a winter warmer done right; it stands as boldly different from other offerings in-style and is something that one should seek out this season.

Over the last few years, we have reviewed a number of Full Sail’s offerings including their ESB, Session Cream Ale, Bock, IPA and Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout. Individuals that wish to find more information about Full Sail’s year-round and seasonal beers will have a field day at the brewery’s website, while the company’s social media profiles are invaluable resources for those looking for new product and event information.

Wassail / Winter Warmer / Full Sail Brewing / 7.2% ABV / 56 IBU / http://www.fullsailbrewing.com/ / https://www.facebook.com/Full-Sail-Brewing-Company-60072986984/ / https://twitter.com/FullSailBrewing