Guy Grogan – “Glitter in the Gears”

Anatomy of a Crush is the first track on Guy Grogan’s Glitter in the Gears, blending together hints of early Goo Goo Dolls, The Minutemen, and Polaris. The momentum which Grogan immediately imbues Glitter in the Gears with is a hallmark that will continue throughout the entirety of the album, a move that keeps listeners firmly planted on the edges of their seats. The acoustic opening of┬áStick the Landing is reminiscent of performers like Radiohead, while the ropy bass line that kicks in shortly after firmly places this effort into the alt-rock sound of the late nineties. Powerful and emotive vocals play at the top of the track, while the martial drumming and guitar strumming build off of the framework of mid-1960s performers. Continue reading “Guy Grogan – “Glitter in the Gears””