Heart & Soul Radio thieves CD Review

Ain’t No Life Like The Low Life is the first effort on Heart & Soul Radio’s latest, thieves. The track is energetic and will show listeners that Heart & Soul Radio is an act that can blend the emotive rock, pop-punk, and pop genres into something that is hard-hitting while still able to showcase a softer side to the band. True Romance- You Be Rosanna Arquette, I’ll Be That One Guy links together acts like Fall Out Boy, Blink 182, and hints of New Found Glory in a perfect unity of instrumental and vocal elements; the vocals are able to further elaborate on the harmony that is established by the drums, bass, and guitars. thieves never slows down or loses its way; it is a truly focused release that captures Heart & Soul Radio at the top of their game. Thieves In The Night (True Scars) showcases that the act can adopt a disparate array of styles and insert their own unique qualities. Continue reading “Heart & Soul Radio thieves CD Review”