Holly Elle – I’m Scared

Holly Elle’s newest track I’m Scared a track that stuns with its simplicity and raw vocal power. There is little more to this effort than Elle’s vocals and a piano arrangement. Together, these two elements combine to make for something as passionate as anything Rufus Wainwright or Kelly Clarkson could create. Continue reading “Holly Elle – I’m Scared”

Holly Elle Lose Control Single Review

Holly Elle has released her Lose Control, a vocal-lead track that ties together equal amounts Nelly Furtado, Christina Aguilera, and Dej Loaf. Elle’s singing ability is able to expand upon the work of Sia and Rihanna to create something that shines equally well in a pop or dance light. The dynamic between the vocals and percussion imbues the track with a momentum that will tattoo itself deep into the minds of listeners. The track ends just as strongly as it began, ensuring that listeners will clamor for more Elle music. Continue reading “Holly Elle Lose Control Single Review”