Hop Harvest Oktoberfest (Peak Organic Brewing)

The Hop Harvest Oktoberfest by Peak Organic Brewing (Portland, Maine) is a marzen that pours with a dark brown color that has a slight touch of orange. The head of the beer is off-white to yellow with a good finger’s worth of foam. The initial nose yields hints of malt and sweetness, trends that are just part of the complex set of flavors that one will experience when cracking into a bottle. Toasted malts, floral hops, and caramel unite to make something eminently drinkable. A fruitiness can be discerned at points with Hop Harvest, working nicely with a spicier set of flavors that become evident as the beer continues to warm. Rarer but still present are grassy, grainy, and grapefruit elements that ensure that an imbiber will continually be surprised by each subsequent quaff of the Hop Harvest Oktoberfest. Continue reading “Hop Harvest Oktoberfest (Peak Organic Brewing)”