Inma Mira – Indecisión

Inma Mira’s Indecisión is a fun track that effortlessly move through pop, iindie-pop, and a timeless singer-songwriter style. Mira’s vocals soar over the track, taking up the standards of performers like Shakira and Bjork. The instrumentation on Indecisión – musically complex arrangements, spot-on drumming, and a whimsical sound – pushes Mira’s vocals to a higher plateau. The gradual increase in tempo portends a much more chaotic and musically intense sound; Mira’s voice goes supersonic as the track begins to go quicker and quicker. Indecisión will have listeners sticking around until the last note; Mira’s work here is fantastic.

Inma Mira – Indecisión / 2017 /