Joseph Pagano – More Friends in Heaven (Than in Hell)

Joseph Pagano has been creating music for the last few years, with his second EP Time and Colors being released in 2015. On Joseph Pagano’s current single More Friends in Heaven (Than in Hell), hints of 1960s and 1970s rock, punk, and alternative country can all be discerned. The dynamic between the guitar and Pagano’s voice establishes a quick tempo for the single. A whistle-heavy intermission provides a further boost to this momentum. The production of More Friends in Heaven (Than in Hell) is stellar, allowing each distinct element to shine alone or as part of a greater unit. One will be impressed by the amount of twists and turns that are presented here, as the other elements – punchy percussion and a thick, ropy bass line – will require additional spins to understand alongside the other, more dominant elements.  Continue reading “Joseph Pagano – More Friends in Heaven (Than in Hell)”

Joseph Pagano Graveyard of Dreams CD Review

There is a hopeful sound to the release’s first track, Don’t Let Chances Pass You By, which ties together hints of Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, and Dave Grohl. The interaction between the instrumental and vocal elements creates a track that is timelessly hook, with a number of distinct hooks for listeners – Pagano’s vocals are stellar, the drums are punctual yet splashy, and the guitars provide the hard edge that will keep fans listening. Continue reading “Joseph Pagano Graveyard of Dreams CD Review”