Justina Valentine – Deep End

Justina Valentine’s Deep End is a track that effortlessly moves through different dstyles. THis means that there is a rap / ;trap style that is dominant, but there are points during this single that more traditional R&B and even trip-hop styles are given time to shine. It is this spontaneous style that makes this Justina Valentine track such a must-listen. Listeners will not know where Valentine will go int he next minuter, but that the overall output will be so far above the other performers that are bubbling under. We’re always excited to hear new JV songs, and this is just another example of a personality that has the musical chops to succeed.


Justina Valentine – Deep End / http://www.justinamusic.com/

Justina Valentine “Sunlight”

Justina Valentine’s “Sunlight” is a refreshing pop/rap track that brings back the synth-pop of the 1980s. Good wordplay keeps the momentum high before Justina tattoos her unique melodies deep into the hearts and minds of fans. The rising and falling action of Sunlight keeps listeners on the edges of their seats. The sparkling sound of the synths on Sunlight distinguish this effort from other songs on the radio. There is a complexity present here that few tracks have; one will continue to find new twists and turns with every subsequent spin. Check out our previous JV coverage here

Justina Valentine “Sunlight”  / http://www.facebook.com/JustinaMusik / http://www.twitter.com/JustinaMusic