Kevin Fisher – Beer Me

Time working alongside some of the most popular acts in music today, among them Rascal Flatts, has honed Kevin Fisher’s songwriting skills into a finely tuned instrument for delivering mainstream delights. His debut collection Beer Me seizes upon a quintessentially American topic, the virtues of beer, and serves up a 12 pack of variations on the same joke. He has a skill for twisting everyday phrases into endorsements for the joy of drinking beer that will produce smiles in listeners and backs it up with first class music that leans more towards the bluesy, rollicking side of country rock. It gives the humor a needed dose of musical muscle and these are tightly crafted songs and performances clearly designed for a mass audience. Fisher is a winning vocalist who gets over the material with just the right amount of musicality, push, and charisma to make this one of 2017’s more entertaining turns. Continue reading “Kevin Fisher – Beer Me”