Laust Sonne “Sunday Morning”

Laust Sonne Sunday Morning’s immediate draw is built off of a strong foundation of synths and sequence drums. A light trapping of 1980s synthpop and dance brings Laust Sonne’s Sunday Morning into a fascinating mash-up of the Pet Shop Boys and Owl City. With a chorus that will bury itself deep into the psyche of listeners, Sunday Morning is a delectable effort. The switch-over between stanza and chorus brings in hints of pop; a lush production ensures that multiple things can be happening during the song without the resulting effort sounding cluttered or otherwise busy. An A+ effort, something to listen to while working out or driving around.

Laust Sonne “Sunday Morning”

Laust Sonne “Reckless”

Laust Sonne’s “Reckless” is a fun track that builds off of the framework of acts like DNCE, Metro Station, and The Rocket Summer. With hints of pop, electronic, and 5 Seconds of Summer, Laust Sonne will drive their latest single deep into fans. The rising and falling action of the instrumentation keep fans’ attention, as does the clappy, stompy chorus that is present. The production of Reckless makes each element pop – there is no reason why this single should not be receiving radio rotation in the months after its release. With so many distinct influences, the chances are strong that everyone will find something that they like here.

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