Lodge CRS8 Seasoned Steel Skillet

Over the course of the last century, South Pittsburg, Tennessee’s Lodge Cast Iron has created world-renowned cast iron goods, becoming synonymous with quality.

Lodge CRS8

Lodge has rolled out a new seasoned steel line that matches the versatility of their initial cast iron products with the lightness of steel. Continue reading “Lodge CRS8 Seasoned Steel Skillet”

Lodge L10SKG3 Cast Iron Skillet w/Tempered Glass Cover

Lodge has bundled their popular ten-inch skillet with a glass lid, allowing purchasers the ability to drastically increase the amount of dishes one can cook in their skillet. The While the skillet came to us preseasoned, the cast iron takes on additional seasoning very well. Remove the glass cover and turn a stove up to 500 degrees (or whatever high temperature setting), and one can give their pizzas a crisper and bright flavor. Continue reading “Lodge L10SKG3 Cast Iron Skillet w/Tempered Glass Cover”