Make It So : Unchained 19 (Summit Brewing)

Make It So is the latest contribution to the Unchained Series by St. Paul’s Summit Brewing, linking together the British Extra Special Bitter (ESB) style with Captain Picard’s favorite beverage, Earl Grey tea. The beer pours with a medium brown to a copper coloration and has a fairly straightforward malt nose. When one takes their initial sip of Make It So, the presence of the tea becomes evident. There is a floral element that works nicely with the bold malt tastes and smaller hop bite (Summit uses a blend of hops including Admiral, Challenger, Aurora, Fuggle, and Target varieties), creating a medium-bodied beer that is easy to drink. The Earl Grey adds a smokiness to the beer, while there is a layering effect present which allows imbibers to taste the constituent elements of the beer (hops, malts, and tea). Continue reading “Make It So : Unchained 19 (Summit Brewing)”