An afternoon with Morningblind

  • Today, we are speaking with European act Morningblind. Can you both give us a little background information about yourself? How did you get into music?

Sandi: I started out as a dancer and actress, first here in Catalunya and then in Britain, in London. I went from dancing to singing after a break. I got fed up with the musical theatre world – it wasn’t the right kind of thing for me, all the endless bullshit and rounds of auditions and the falseness of it all. I’d always sung and loved singing. But in the late 90s I got a nodule on my vocal chords and that’s when I picked up a guitar for the first time. And it went from there, starting with covers and then starting to write my own songs, because doing covers is never enough. And then, the whole process of finding your voice, which when you finally find it, you’ve arrived. You can be yourself, you can defend your own work, it’s authentic, truthful. Continue reading “An afternoon with Morningblind”