A Few Moments with Mundo

Today, we are speaking with Mundo, a performer that deftly weaves together birthright and his current living arrangement. As a polyglot, would you agree that language is powerful?  Music has a similar transformative ability. What does your mélange of the two say?b4ec84a5ee72f2da16ab83e10aa006bd

(smiles) Well it’s my personal belief that it’s really very very difficult to understand a people if you don’t speak or at least know a little bit about their language. Continue reading “A Few Moments with Mundo”

Mundo Mona Lisa Single Review

Mundo is a performer that creates a high-energy track that crosses the borders between rap, hip-hop, and dance. The track will get listeners up and on the dance floors. A backing beat creates something that will tattoo itself deep into the psyche of listeners, while the raw passion and charisma of Mundo will have listeners hanging on every word. b4ec84a5ee72f2da16ab83e10aa006bd Where many EDM / dance compositions hang on for three minutes, Mundo has jam-packed Mona Lisa to the gills. Continue reading “Mundo Mona Lisa Single Review”