PsycHOPathy IPA (MadTree Brewing)

PsycHOPathy is an India Pale Ale created by Cincinnati’s Madtree Brewing. The beer pours with a yellow-gold coloration and a small amount of off-white head that provides lacing as one continues to sip. The initial nose of PsycHOPathy provides hints of grass and wheat with a small amount of hop twang. The beer is incredibly balanced, pushing forward a strong bitter element and enough sweetness to vary the overall constellation of flavors that are present. There is a mild malt flavor here that establishes a middle ground for the beer, rendering the finished effort refreshing while deep and intricate; experienced imbibers will be able to finish off a few cans, finding a number of twists and turns along their way. Continue reading “PsycHOPathy IPA (MadTree Brewing)”