Ransom Price Interview

We sat down today with Mike Ransom of Ransom Price. My Kidnap Money is his latest album, and is due out on April 7th. What was the recording process like for the disc?

Ransom Price is essentially a studio project, so we didn’t face the usual deadlines of trying to get an album finished up prior to a tour or anything like that.  Additionally, My Kidnap Money is being released on Unable Records, which I run, and so I didn’t have any pressure from a label or other outside parties.  As a result, the recording process for this album was a lot more relaxed than it otherwise would have been. Continue reading “Ransom Price Interview”

Ransom Price My Kidnap Money CD Review

Radar Contact Lost has tremendous momentum from its onset, created through a wall of fuzz and a set of vocals that take up hints of Screeching Weasel and Green Day. The production is professional enough to let each constituent element of Ransom Price shine, but close and comfy enough to lend an honest and earnest air to the 10 tracks on My Kidnap Money. Fire Escape has a solid guitar/drum dynamic that brings the band into an Unwritten Law / Welt sound. Continue reading “Ransom Price My Kidnap Money CD Review”