SellinA Lc – Love Me Hardcore Single Review

Love Me Hardcore, SellinA Lc’s latest single, is a track that captures tremendous emotion with delicate instrumentation to create an effort that sticks with listeners long after the track has ceased. The instrumental and vocal elements combine to establish an effort that is greater than the sum of its constituent parts. The dynamic between the guitars and SellinA Lc’s softly-sang vocals is close, cozy, and will immerse listeners fully into what is being done with this single. The inclusion of a secondary set of vocal at points during this single keeps things alluring and compelling from start to completion; this is a track that could work equally well in adult contemporary, pop, or collegiate radio stations with nary a change. I believe that the production of Love Me Hardcore allows the track to cross over from solid hit into something greater; the constituent elements are able to shine alone or as a combined package, further increasing the replay value of this already stellar effort. Continue reading “SellinA Lc – Love Me Hardcore Single Review”