Shelita Burke – Five EP

Belong is the opening effort on Shelita Burke’s latest EP, Five. The track ties together 1990s dance, drum and bass, trip-hop, and pop into something that will immediately capture listeners’ attentions. Together is a trap-infused track that perfectly matches together bassy and deep instrumentation with a set of vocals that build off of the framework established by Bjork, Jess Glynne, and Ingrid Michaelson. The two distinct sides of Together create an incredibly deep composition that will require fans to spin the single numerous times before hearing every nuance that has been included.  Continue reading “Shelita Burke – Five EP”

Shelita Burke Transfixed EP Review

On her new EP, Transfixed, Seattle’s Shelita Burke lets listeners in. Transfixed is a tender track that firmly places Burke into the singer-songwriter style, while adding hints of alternative and indie into the mix. The production of this introductory effort is tender, establishing a cozy sound to Burke’s music that will immediately draw listeners in. Pour allows the instrumental side of things to shine, with percussive and emotive guitar work take a focal point. Shelita_Burke_CoverShelita is able to pull double duty on this track, with her vocals telling a story as well as contributing to the overall harmonies achieved by the effort. Continue reading “Shelita Burke Transfixed EP Review”