Six Organs of Admittance Tour Through Late April / Early May

Ben Chasny has been working on a book based on the very system that birthed his masterpiece of strategic chaos! His book, entitled The Hexadic System, is not simply a manual; it touches on the legacies of ritual magic, combinatorial thinking and the science of music using algorithmic patterns! Now this is all thrilling for you intellectual types, but what of the Suzy Headbangers? Well you’re in luck too; Six Organs of Admittance & Elisa Ambrogio embark on a tour of the Midwest and East Coast next week! Continue reading “Six Organs of Admittance Tour Through Late April / Early May”

Six Organs of Admittance Hexadic Out April 21st

Introducing a new approach to playing and composing music: The Hexadic System! Listen up kids, this doesn’t require the use of a computer or an internet hookup–all that you players will need is a copy of The Hexadic System book and a regular deck of playing cards. Don’t have a deck handy? Raid your grandmother’s junk drawer and you’re in business!