Big City Cowgirl Interview

Today, we are speaking with NYC’s Big City Cowgirl. How did you get into music? I credit my family for its love of music and creative genes for getting me into music. My parents have a large difference in age so they both loved their own types of music. As a result, I was exposed to all styles of music and I incorporate all of those styles into the songs I write. The more a person hears, the more diverse they become in terms of songwriting so I am blessed to have that background. My uncle, Mel Mendelssohn, may he rest in peace, played the recorder and he used to compose classical and other orchestral music, and then find musicians to play his compositions with him on Long Island. He actually put on productions. His drive for music was also a part of me. I also had an elementary choir director who convinced me to really push myself vocally and pursue music. But the bottom line is that I feel like music has always been a part of my soul and that’s undeniable. Even when I took a hiatus from it to try to “save the world,” my music appreciation never left me. If it’s in you, it’s in you, and it will find a way to haunt you until it gets out. So, after starting a family and working as a public interest lawyer, I decided to give into those musical fires inside me by songwriting again. Having a toddler who was into music from the day she was born didn’t hurt either. She loves to make up tunes all of the time and I encourage her “songwriting.”

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