Shawn Kent When The Lights Go Off Single Review

The first thing that listeners will hear when they begin to spin When The Lights Go Off Single is the tremendous production, allowing the beat to swell up and immediately command attention. When the flow begins, fans will have pay full attention to hear everything that has been placed into the track. There is a complex and intricate style that is fostered through When The Lights Go Off by Kent. His style touches upon the work of Twista, Bizzy Bone, and has just enough of his own style to keep things fresh and interesting from beginning to end. The vocals and the beat battle from beginning to end, with the net result being something that is even stronger than the sum of the cut’s constituent elements. There is enough ground covered by Kent here to make this track stand up to repeat listens; I would like to hear the interplay that Kent would have with a second rapper or vocalist on a subsequent track. Continue reading “Shawn Kent When The Lights Go Off Single Review”