Teriyaki Madness (Akron, OH)

A few months back, Teriyaki Madness opened in Akron. Any time we had driven out West Market Street, we always mused about stopping in. After a few months, we were ultimately able to visit.  The restaurant is inviting without a hint of pretense, setting up the counter at the front of the location. When one puts in their order, they are greeted with a number of proteins (Spicy and normal variants of Chicken Teriyaki, Beef Teriyaki, Orange Chicken, Chicken Katsu, and Tofu Teriyaki). Whether one purchases a bowl or a plate, Teriyaki Madness offers a wide variety of starch options, including white and brown rice. Noodles and fried rice are also available for a small addition to the cost. Stir-fry veggies are available as a side for bowls, while a plate can have the veggies, macaroni salad, or fresh green salad.12196352_10103845003973244_2220262248171069329_n Continue reading “Teriyaki Madness (Akron, OH)”