The Ramona Flowers – “Strangers”

The Ramona Flowers’ “Strangers” is a track that utilizes a slower tempo quite well. The band continues to refresh the 1980s / slinky new wave dance styles of early Depeche Mode and INXS into something thatt is bright, vibrant, and will get fans out on the dance floor. Synths, smart usage of silence, and a thick, hooky bass line are enough to tattoo the melodies of Strangers deep into the minds and hearts of fans. Simply beautiful synths make for a refreshing effort that bolsters the emotive vocals; The Ramona Flowers have another hit on their hands with Strangers.

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The Ramona Flowers – “If You Remember”

The Ramona Flowers’ “If You Remember” is a song that is a refreshing of the 1980s new wave style. Fans of more modern interpretations of that style (e.g. La Roux, Walk The Moon) will find something to dig here. The Ramona Flowers have impassioned vocals that draw from performers like WHAM! and Depeche Mode, while the hard-hitting instrumentation presented here tie together sweeping synths, on-point drums, and haunting vocals into one of the most fun tracks we’ve heard so far this summer. With a chorus that will bury its way deep into your psyche, The Ramona Flowers showcase precisely how talented they are with this new one.

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