The Winter Sounds “Earth After a Thunderstorm”

The Winter Sounds’ “Earth After a Thunderstorm” is a wonderful effort. The passion of the vocals, the effortless call backs to mid-1980s synth pop like Depeche Mode, Erasure and the Pet Shop Boys, and the twinkling instrumentation distinguishes this single from the rest of the music being played on the radio.

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The Winter Sounds “Heartbeats”

The Winter Sounds’ “Heartbeats” is an atmospheric piece of indie rock that shines with soaring arrangements, rich vocals, and a desire to change up tempo on a dime. What the band does with Heartbeats is craft something that will bury itself deep into the hearts of listeners. There are hints of emo, Killers-esque rock, and ska that can all be discerned here. A rapid tempo punctuates this single, getting fans up on the dance floor even as the overall arrangements stand up to repeat plays. The Winter Sounds create something special with Heartbeats; we’d love to hear more from the band in the next year. Continue reading “The Winter Sounds “Heartbeats””