Vertex IPA (Destihl)

Destihl has created an India Pale Ale in their Vertex IPA that is able to pop with a considerable amount of hop without overwhelming imbibers. The beer hides its 76 IBU well, pouring with a hazy dark-brown to orange and a nose that does not lean too far into the bitter side of things. When one takes their first sip of the Vertex IPA, citrus and apricot are common along with a strong hop twang at the backside of the quaff. There are smaller notes of grain and malt that can be discerned at the periphery, but this India Pale Ale is pretty straight-forward in the fruit / hop dichotomy. This duality ensures that the alcohol content is hidden perfectly, making the Vertex IPA into something that can easily be downed. Continue reading “Vertex IPA (Destihl)”