Xavier Toscano “Runaway”

Runaway is a high-energy effort from Xavier Toscano, impressive to fans of current EDM as well as 1990s Italo-dance. The instrumental and vocal sections of Runaway are impressive enough to shine on their own, but combine to make something considerably greater than the constituent parts would indicate.  Continue reading “Xavier Toscano “Runaway””

Xavier Toscano Feels So Good CD Review

Feels So Good is the latest album from San Francisco’s Xavier Toscano, a musician that creates his own unique flair by meshing together a wide array of musical styles and approaches. During the course of this 11 track magnum opus, Toscano is able to create something that is cohesive while showcasing a number of Toscano’s idiosyncracies. Continue reading “Xavier Toscano Feels So Good CD Review”