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Better Day, the latest release from DownTown Mystic, contains a number of tracks that further expand the range of approaches and styles that the band can draw from. The Wish comes forth with a one-two vocal/guitar dynamic and a hopeful set of vocals. While the song draws from the 1970s rock of acts like The Eagles and John Denver, there’s a bit of Dave Grohl’s supersonic vocal approach scattered through here. One More Chance is a radio-ready track replete with infectious chorus; fans of deep and detailed arrangements will love the work established between the guitars, drums, and bass during this effort. There’s a dynamism that ensures that no two moments feel similar; nods to acts like Boston and Foreigner can be picked up during OMC’s run time.

Tomorrow’s Clown is a bit more sedate of an effort; the unlikely mashup of influences as wide-ranges as Beth-era KISS, Neil Diamond, and Simon & Garfunkel make for one of the most fascinating contributions to DownTown Mystic’s discography. One Step Closer is a straight-forward and stripped down composition that match the lyrical content well. The presence of a robust bass line at the background makes this side B opener incredibly strong.

Shade of White keeps things fun with a bit of rockabilly fuzz; this stylistic shift will keep fans interested as DownTown Mystic moves into the home stretch of Better Day. A remaster of Read the Signs (from DTM’s 2007 release of the same name) is an alluring callback to an earlier point in the act’s discography. Lost and Found is the final track on Better Day, keeping things energetic and popping until the track’s last riff. From the eponymous track onward, DTM have released their most balanced album yet.

Top Tracks: One More Chance, Shade of White

Rating: 8.5/10

We’ve checked out a bit of DownTown Mystic’s discography in the past, including their Self-Titled LP, Standing Still, Turn Around and Go, Rock’n’Roll Romantic, and On E Street.

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