Keke Wyatt – Ghetto Rose

Keke Wyatt – Ghetto Rose / 2007 TVT / 2 Tracks / / /

For those individuals that are not familiar with who Keke Wyatt is, all one needs to know that ey was a member of Destiny’s Child for a time, when they were still called Girl’s Tyme. Keke has done music on eir own for the last half-decade, and this track marks the first single off of eir next album, “Ghetto Rose”. With the upsurge in female R&B singers in the last few years, it seems to be a struggle for Wyatt to break out in a major way. Even eir last hit, “Nothing In This World”, cannot help eir; this track has to stand on its’ own. The track begins slowly, with the vocals taking over by the time that Wyatt gets to the hook. There is a lot of cohesion between Wyatt and Kelly Rowland, with “Ghetto Rose” seeming more like a B-side to “Stole” than anything. The track slowly grows on individuals until that time where the strong vocals of Wyatt actually show themselves as being impressive. The track does not go anywhere that other current R&B has not been, but the strong percussive beat, the multiple vocal layers, and song structure should be enough to sell a few copies of eir next album.

Rating: 6.0/10

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