Nekromantix – Life Is A Grave & I Dig It

Nekromantix – Life Is A Grave & I Dig It / 2007 Hell-Cat / 14 Tracks / / /

Nekromantix have been around a very lengthy period of time, crafting their brand of punk rockabilly music for the masses. “NekroHigh” is the first track on “Life is a Grave”, and it shows that the band is still able to come up with a track that is catchy and able to keep individuals focused in on the band’s work. The guitars are a little quiet during this track, but this could just be because the vocals and bass operate at such a focal point. There is a much more deliberate type of sound to “Horny in a Hearse”, but the band opens things up and includes a walking bass to give it some commonality to the rest of the tracks on “Life is a Grave”.

The band seems to vary their sound considerably during the title track, adding a little bit of “Use Your Illusion”-era Guns N Roses to their overall sound. The more epic feel of this track is further modified by an appreciation of The Outlaws, and the band is able to move unscathed to their next track, “My Girl”. The band may not be doing much different compared to earlier albums, but the bouncy style of the Nekromantix during this (and all of their other albums) allows the act to go forth and do much of the same without sounding as if they’ve fallen into a rut. Other standout tracks during “Life is a Grave” has to be the more punk-tempoed “Rot In Hell!”.

The guitar on the periphery of the track is more than a little odd, but it works in the larger context. The one thing that could be figured to be a problem would be the lack of single-worthy tracks on this disc. Obviously, there is a catchiness to all of the songs on “Life is a Grave”, but there have been one or two tracks that the Nekromantix could ride to singles success on prior albums. The songs here are solid, but they are not really able to take that same path. The Nekromantix have not lost a step with “Life is a Grave”, but the lack of singles on this album will make it hard for the Nekromantix to get some newer fans. Hopefully, the fans of the band at this point can make the band’s earlier music available to people that may be interests, and there can be a resurgence in Nekromantix fans. Regardless, this is still a solid album.

Top Tracks:  My Girl, Fantazma

Rating: 5.8/10

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