Arrica Rose & The …’s – Last Night on Earth

Arrica Rose & The …’s – Last Night on Earth / 2007 Poprock / 5 Tracks / /

“Last Night on Earth” starts out slowly, but “Turn” (the introductory track) really starts going when Arrica Rose gets situated. The style that Rose & the …s play is hard to properly explain. “”Turn” has a sixties pop type of sound, while Rose’s vocals have a mid-nineties sound..”Occasionally the World’s An Unhappy Place” has a slightly newer sound than “Turn” does, but the band still works primarily in the mid-nineties alternative style. The instrumentation sticks behind the vocals of Rose, but there are moments (such as the country, slide guitar-like solo present) where the instrumentation shines as brightly as Rose eirself.

With pretty much any female-led act trying to go the Pink/Nelly Furtado direction (see Saving Jane), hearing an act like Rose & The …s do something qualitatively different from anything on the market is nice. It does not matter if the band never once plays a song that screams 2007, but it does matter (and the band does not disappoint in) providing listeners with a catchy brand of music.The only thing that can be construed as a problem with this track is the extended runtime that is occupies (the song is well over five minutes). Despite that, the band is able to make this composition light and airy enough to keep individuals interested. The track would be stronger if the song was shorter, but the intensity present in “Rid of You” does well in restarting the album’s momentum. Arrica Rose & The …’s move into a slower style with “Wreck Me”, and the process in which the band moves into further glory seems to be a very natural one. The process the act uses is evolutionary, with each constituent part gaining a little more speed and energy until the pinnacle of the track, which features a set of vocals that sound duplicated at points.      

Arrica Rose & The …’s only have a few minutes to show individuals what they are capable of, and the diverse array of songs and styles present on this EP give individuals a great idea of where the band can go from here. The level of output is sufficiently decent enough to allow the band to move to the LP without much in the way of a tweak to their sound, so hopefully the band will be able to move forward in the years to come. Pick up this EP ad see where the band goes from here.

Top Track: Rid of You

Rating: 6.1/10

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