Divasonic – Changing Wind

Divasonic – Changing Wind / 2007 Digital Bliss / 12 Tracks / http://www.divasonic.com /

The brand of wide-open, electronic pop music that Lynda Arnold puts down on “Changing Wind” will remind individuals of individuals like Enya and Bjork. There is a panoply of styles and sounds that are present on the disc’s opening track, “I Feel High”. This means that funk, rock, and tribal sounds all unite to create something catchy but walking to the beat of a decidedly different drummer. This same general sound continues for “Summertime”, but Lynda adds in more electronic influence to this track. This means that hints of the Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, and Josh Wink first show their influence during this track. “Summertime” shows Arnold’s ability to construct a narrative without anything in the way of vocals. The multiple instrumental layers present during this track give listeners something that all can enjoy. By the end of “Summertime”, individuals will be hooked.

“Girationz” is a track that has a decidedly Indian flare to it. This is due to the more pop-friendly vocals on this track, which are coupled with a current, R&B approach. The track is further diversified with the inclusion of a second set of vocals, an inclusion that spins the track into a reggae vibe. “Tick Tick Boom” is yet another shift in the sound and style of Divasonic. While there had been hints of jazz present in earlier tracks, “Tick Tick Boom” brings that style to the fore. Divasonic is an act that keeps a high energy, owing much to the multiple layers present in each and every track. The vast majority of tracks on “Changing Wind” are instrumental, but the ability brought to the compositions by Arnold is sufficient enough to keep individuals interested and focused in on each of the disc’s twelve tracks. With a high replay value, “Changing Wind” makes me feel confident that Divasonic will be a fixture in popular music.

The only question I have is where exactly Divasonic can go from here; the dance / ambient / electronic sounds of “Changing Wind” could be tapped again, but can the different influences present be re-arranged into something equally compelling? “Processing…Luv” is a track that could easily be confused with any of the popular dance artists, and I half thought that a Madonna track snuck into “Changing Wind” when the track first played.  Pick this album up if you are a fan of smart pop, dance music, blues, or of a strong female that is not afraid to experiment with her music.

Top Tracks: I Feel High, Girationz

Rating: 7.1/10

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