Karmina – The Kiss

Karmina – The Kiss / 2007 CBS / 5 Tracks / http://www.karmina.com / http://www.cbsrecords.com /

“The Kiss” is the self-titled opener to this pop star’s latest EPs. “The Kiss” has a sound that seems like a more  mature version of early Hilary Duff. There are hints of artists like Kelly Clarkson present in Karmina’s overall approach. The instrumentation works well in highlighting all the right places during “The Kiss”, but does not experiment or come forth with a sound that has been heard before. Individuals that are trying to find a new easy listening meets pop (adult contemporary) type of sound should look into Karmina, but if individuals are looking for ways that the pop genre can be expanded, this is not the disc that they should pick up. “Free” varies up the style that individuals should expect from Karmina, coming in with a slower tempo.

The chorus goes back to the slightly faster style of “The Kiss”, but the song rapidly shifts back to the more introspective and emotional sound. Given the right amount of publicity, any of the songs off of this EP will make it onto the pop rotation of major radio stations. “Stay” brings in a little bit of folk music, and while the vocals link well with “The Kiss” and “Free”, it sees as if Karmina is operating from a much different set of influences here. For eir full length, I would like to hear more variation of this style. It keeps the EP interesting and will give listeners the energy that they need to go forth and listen to the rest of the album. “The Whoa Song” begins the ending of the EP, and it blends the two distinct styles previously heard on the disc. The funky bassy sound of the synthesizer is another interesting addition, and the chorus will draw fans in by the bushel. Keep an eye on Karmina; ey will be the next big pop star.

Top Track: The Whoa Song

Rating: 6.0/10

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