Marla Hansen – Wedding Day

Marla Hansen – Wedding Day / 2007 Standard / 6 Songs / /

Individuals may not be familiar with who Marla Hansen is. Essentially, ey is a member of the Sufjan Stevens band and also is a member of My Brightest Diamond. The title track has more of a Devendra Banhart sound than a Sufjan style, as Hansen comes to the plate with a very early Americana type of sound. Hints of woodsy folk music interact with a softly-spoken and meandering set of vocals during “Wedding Day”, sounding similar to if Alanis Morrisette went back to the 1890s with Marty McFly and eir Delorean. “Shuffle Your Feet” is a track that has a little bit more of a dedicated direction to it, and while it does not add anything different to the mix, Hansen approaches different sounds and styles in such a way to keep individuals interested.

The non-lyrical vocal trills that are present during certain parts of the track are the strongest addition to Hansen’s repertoire, and these are only highlighted further by the echoing of the guitars. Other tracks do not add anything completely new to the mix, but fill out what is a very fresh and intuitive album. Songs like “A Friend Indeed” seal up this EP, and ensure that Hansen is not trapped into a corner. For eir upcoming full length, the amount of directions that Hansen can take are virtually limitless. The production quality of “Wedding Day” is at a very interesting level. Obviously, the quality of the songs on “Wedding Day” is high enough to keep individuals sitting on the edge of their seats for the six cuts on this album. However, there is a decidedly lo-fi sound to this EP that will titillate individuals that have a flair for the vintage sound created by DiChristina and Veitiver.Pick up this album if you like this brand of retro sound.

Top Track: Shuffle Your Feet

Rating: 6.0/10

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